RiskMatize (RMI) was established in 1996.

Managed and staffed by experienced business-technical services executives, the company
remains true to its roots - providing quality products and services that build customer
value and knowledge.

We actively work with partners to provide well architected customer solutions. While
remaining located in New Zealand, we now selectively cover countries in Asia Pacific.

RMI can be contacted at info@riskmatize.com for further information on the company and
its products-services.
        Software Solutions:

- Asset & Liability Management
- Funds Transfer Pricing and Liquidity Gap Management
- Analytics, Decision Management, and Strategy Optimization
- Credit Application Processing
- Credit Risk Rating
- Credit Portfolio Management
- Credit, Operational and Market Risk Management
- Receivables and Recoveries Management.

        Professional Services:

- Business Consulting
- Project Management, Implementation, and Support
- Training

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